Zubiri Picture Gallery
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Zubiri in his study
December 1978
Photo Carvajal, YA

Zubiri in his study
Photo Cifuentes y de Castro

Zubiri in town of Zubiri
c. 1980

Zubiri, c. 1975

Zubiri's House on Núñez de Balboa, Madrid

Foundation President Fowler at 1993 Zubiri Conference, Madrid

Consejo de Investigaciones Superiores, site of 1993 Zubiri Conference, Madrid

Foundation Board Member Gary Gurtler, SJ, at 1993 Zubiri Conference

Madrid Fundación President Diego Gracia (right), Foundation President Thomas Fowler (center), Foundation Sec/Treas. Maika Fowler (left) at Gracia's country home (1994)