The following books by Zubiri are currently available in English from the Foundation:

Nature, History, God (paperbound) , $21.95 postpaid US, $35 elsewhere
Sentient Intelligence (softbound), New lower price! $30 postpaid US, $40 elsewhere

Unfortunately, all Foundation copies of On Essence have been sold. The book has been out of print for many years, but used copies are available. Prospective buyers are advised to contact ABEbooks.com, and use their online search engine to find copies. The text of the translation is available on this site. When resources permit, the Foundation will reprint the translation with a new introduction.

A few water-damaged but still quite readable copies of Nature, History, God are also available for $10.00 postpaid US, $25 elsewhere.

Copies of Guillerma Díaz Muñoz' fine thesis on Zubiri and mathematics, Zubiri y la matemática: un nuevo constructivismo, are also available from the Foundation for $32.50 postpaid US, $45 elsewhere.

Please note that the Foundation does not have online ordering capability. To purchase any of these books, please make checks out to the Xavier Zubiri Foundation, and send them to: 

The Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America
1571 44th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Spanish Editions
Copies of Zubiri's books in Spanish can be purchased online from the following sources, all of which accept credit cards on line and all of which have secure servers to do so:

Book on Hand which, despite its name, is an online Spanish bookstore based in Barcelona with a very good selection of Zubiri's works and a good interface.

Librería Cervantes, in Oviedo, also has a nice selection of Zubiri's works.

Librería Porrúa, a fine online bookstore in Mexico City, especially valuable for its many low-price editions of philosophy books in Spanish. They have some of Zubiri's books as well, though the price is higher than in the Spanish stores. Their interface is very good.

Librería Jovellanos, another fine online bookstore in Mexico City, with a good selection of Zubiri's works.

Another fine bookstore in Madrid with which the Foundation has had very good experience for both Zubiri and other books is Libreria Fuentetaja. They do not have a web site, but requests and payment may be made by e-mail. They are familiar with Zubiri and have been able to obtain and ship copies of all of his books, unlike some of the other bookstores. Books are sent promptly and shipping charges are reasonable, even for air shipment:

Librería Fuentetaja
Calle San Bernardo 48
28015 MADRID, Spain
Phone: (34)-91-532-4170
Fax: (34)-91-522-3007
e-mail: fuentetaja@expocenter.com or ftetaja@expocenter.com

Readers may also wish to contact the following bookstore in Salamanca, whose staff has been very cooperative:

Librería Plaza Universitaria
Plaza de Anaya, 9
Phone/Fax (34) 923-268-932

Tell them that the Foundation Xavier Zubiri recommended them. Ask for the manager, Asunción. Note that she does not speak English; you may wish to send your request by fax. Contact the Foundation if you have difficulties or need assistance.

Finally, for copies of Christian classics of all types, many in bilingual editions, there is the old-line publishing house Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC). Their web site is not yet operational, but they can be contacted by e-mail. Purchases still require the sending of a check, however:

Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos
Don Ramón de la Cruz, 57 - 1o
28001 MADRID, Spain
Phone: (34)-91-309-0862
Fax: (34)-91-309-1980
e-mail: bac@planalfa.es

For currency conversions, a handy site is www.xe.net/ucc/

Reserve Copies of Forthcoming Translations

The Dynamic Structure of Reality
This book, in a fine translation by Professor Nelson Orringer, will be published by the University of Illinois Press around June of 2003. Cost is not known at present but will most likely be around $35. The Foundation will be distribution this book or you can order it through major booksellers. reserve a copy here.

Man and God
The Foundation also plans to publish Man and God in 2003. Cost will be around $25. You can reserve a copy here.

The Philosophical Problem of the History of Religions
The Foundation also plans to publish this book in 2003 or 2004. Cost will be around $25. You can reserve a copy here.